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A Week of Green Things March 12, 2012


It’s March which means National Nutrition Month, National Registered Dietitian Day (March 14th), and St. Patrick’s Day to me and basketball to my hubby. Well, I like watching basketball too and will gladly boast that I have won my husband’s bracket challenge (with all his fellow coaches), not once, but twice!

Anyways, there’s lot of healthy things to celebrate this month. I’d like to dedicate this week on my blog to all things green. I’m not 100% sure what that will mean each day, but that means you should check in daily to see. I’m hoping to end the week with a big blog surprise too!

Ah ha! It came to me what today’s inspiration is. As I type, I am drinking GREEN Tea! How perfect. Let’s talk some tea.

Green tea is the least processed of teas. It contains a polyphenol referred to as EGCG (short for the super long chemical name) that is a potent antioxidant. This means it helps quench nasty free radicals circulating in our bodies. Green tea has about 5 times more EGCG than black tea. A lot of research has been performed on green tea showing it may help prevent many causes of death.

A study conducted on Japanese citizens for about 11 years found the following results for those who had a high intake of green tea (3-5 cups a day):

Green Tea Benefits
In Women In Men
23% lower risk of dying from any cause 12% lower risk of dying from any cause
31% lower risk of dying from CVD 22% lower risk of dying from CVD
62% lower risk of dying from stroke 42% lower risk of dying from stroke

That’s pretty impressive and it’s only scratching the surface. Check out this link for the whole extensive list of the health benefits of green tea.

The bottom line is that it’s good for you and we should drink it. Loose green tea seems to be preferred because you can buy them in small quantities and control the amount you use. When I visited San Francisco a couple of year ago, I went to a tea shop in China Town that offered tastings. It was so much fun to learn about all the types of loose, large leaf teas. I am by no means a tea expert, but there seems to be a lot more to it than we Americans think (at least that is what I was told.)

So raise a mug of antioxidant rich green tea with me this week! Please post a picture of your mug of tea (if you can). Here’s mine.


One Response to “A Week of Green Things”

  1. Dan Says:

    Where can I get green tea k-cups?

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