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Merry Week December 20, 2011

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All the Braddocks are home this week, which is wonderful. Somehow despite all my efforts to be low key, I have a lot going on!
Here’s a couple of random thoughts to keep you, and me, on track this week.

1. I’ve been asked to prepare a vegan dish for the Braddock family dinner. I’m going to make red and green stuffed peppers. Should be delicious and pretty. Maybe you can bring this to your holiday dinner too.

2. I know this is late notice but I will be in Fox Action News tomorrow morning around 7:45 talking about healthy party choices.

3. Keep active this week. Our fam did a hot, 4 mile run this morning. It felt great. We are planning our long run for Friday since we are traveling on Saturday. Hopefully a hard week if training this week will help make up for next week. Are you getting your exercise in? Just get out the door and let your body do the rest.

4. Enjoy the holiday! Remember the reason for the season. I may be silent for a few days but I’ll be back in action before the new year.

Peace and joy to you!


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