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Farm to Plate Dinner October 17, 2011

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Saturday  night was truly magical. I know that may sound a little strange being that it was just dinner and a movie. But to me, it was awesome. I attended Black Hog Farm’s farm to table dinner at Pastiche. The food was amazing (go eat there). Each dish seemed to have a small story attached to it.

I had the pleasure of sitting with some of the family members of Black Hog Farm during dinner. What a treat! I learned about the individual ingredients and came away convinced that this family is deeply vested in what they do. It was very evident that a great deal of pride, and really love, goes into the care of each animal and crop they produce.

I highly recommend supporting this farm. The prices on their food items are also some of the best I’ve seen. Contact Sharon at for more information.

Here are some pictures from my fantastic meal. (I am still working on my food styling skills so I hope they look appetizing.)

The Menu


Appetizer - Deviled Eggs


The best cornbread I have ever had




Main Course - greens, chicken and dumplings, sweet potatoes, amazing pork tenderloin


Dessert - brown butter cake and apples


The family of Black Hog Farm


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