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The 8th Day – A Taste of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter June 20, 2010

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Today we explored downtown San Diego. I had a sad moment because I tried to get lunch from a place called Sushi Deli 2, which I have heard great things about. Unfortunately, they are not open for lunch on Sundays! I was very disappointed. We ended up eating at the Padres game. I was happy to find some more fish tacos though! They were pretty good too. I think this is the third type of fish taco that I have had here.

Yah for fish tacos!

The best food of the day came in the afternoon. I found a place called Mondo Gelato close to the stadium. Apparently it is the only US location with the recipes being created by the founder in Italy. They had incredible flavors, including Nutella!!! Nutella just might be one of my favorite splurge foods of all time and the gelato version is just as good. I am inspired to borrow my parent’s ice cream maker and attempt to make this flavor. It was ridiculously good.

Vanilla Bean and Nutella Gelato

Our last stop for dinner was at Cafe Chloe. A chef in St. Augustine suggested we try this place out. It is a French restaurant, which honestly I do not eat much of. It seemed like a good risk to take. I ordered mussels again and Brian had Coq au Vin. I had a glass of Malbec with it, which was perfect. The aroma of it was so fruity and floral. It was a fun experience although Brian did not think it was a good San Diego experience. I really like that big cities have such a wide variety of types of food. I enjoyed it and would definitely go back to try something else.

Coq au Vin

Mussels Grenobloise with Pommes Frites --


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